Ocean Floors

What do you think this poem is about..things weighing you down, life drowning inside of you, or some other meaning? 

Ocean Floors

How many times has that ocean drifted into my mind,

Reminding me of the sands of my past – many memories on those shores –

I see the waves crash –

Crash like life sometimes crashes – over you –

Sinking you to the bottom of those ocean floors –

I saw those shores no more.

Only peered into the darkest of oceans.

I saw those sunken ships no longer in motion.

Kind of like me – my life – sat at the bottom of this body of water,

No longer seeing white sands, but the darkness that covers.

My mind tells me its over,

But I saw it over my head, these overwhelming currents.

They drowned me, and take me to their depths.

They said the sea is a monster,

And that man can’t escape it that far under.

Still, somehow I drifted to the top, seeing light – light that only touches the surface, when the darkness is a thousand feet bellow.

Above water, I’ve never felt so free.

I’ve never walked on those shores as sand sifted through my toes,

As the wind blows, through my hair;

The same wind tossing these waves ashore,

Reminding me of the darkest of days no more.



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