The Test

What do you think this poem is about - God, Time, or wishes? 

Let me know, and I'll share the meaning..

The Test

He stretched far and wide his arms,

As far as the east is from the west,

And said, “this much is yours, give it your best.”

I looked, bright eyed as I was, at the span;

It looked as though there was no end.

I smiled, for I was still small,

And the present ever so large.

“But,” he said, “The moment I lay down my arms,

this much will be gone.”

I pondered that for a moment,

But then went along my way.

I crossed paths with bright-eyed children,

I passed over the wrinkled and weary.

Until I saw ten steps ahead, and knew the stretch was nearing.

“I’ll beat him,” I thought,

“I’ll get the to the end of that bay.”

I ran swiftly,

As the world blurred around me.

For there was still much to see.

And I remembered his words, and what he had given to me.

But then,

I tripped

And fell upon my knees.

Running too fast, trying to catch up with my feet.

Looking up, I saw those things I had seen before.

And I realized I was where I started;

Running in circles, never getting far.

Suddenly, the east wasn’t that far from the west,

Although I thought I had given my best.

And now the arms were closing in,

And I knew I hadn’t stood the test.


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