Just 16

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Just 16

I was just 16, running fields of endless dreams.

Wide-eyed child,

Runs a million miles.

There’s no end to the earth, when dreams are birthed.

Silly me,

I couldn’t see.

I was just 21, living life under the sun.

College bound,

Leaving this old town.

But tomorrow doesn’t come when you’re blinded by the sun.

Can’t see passed today,

Running fast, as I may.

I was just 25, when the plane crashed in the sky.

All my dreams shattered -

Everything that mattered.

No longer a youth, I saw in that sky, truth.

Perhaps when running, I crashed.

Perhaps this was the aftermath.

I was just 28, remembering endless dreams, before fate –

Crashed into me,

Youth is fragile, you see.

Everything changes, when you’re running aimless,

Through fields of endless dreams,

Can’t see reality and things.

Just yesterday, it was a sunny day in May. 

Funny, it seems,

I was just 16.