What do you think this poem is about? A girl running away from her current life? A girl with no common sense? Or a girl who is running after something that is too big for her to contain?


A million miles an hour she drove along that highway they called life.

“Catch me if you can,

I’m faster than time, I’ve found.”

The world around is a blur, like the green trees turn to greenery and the streets blur into scenery.

“Can’t see life clearly,

But that mountain top is nearing.”

She can see from a distance the peaks of life she races to.

“I can see it from here.

It’s better up there.”

So far away from home she ran, and all that the valley would bring,

“There’s nothing here for me,

It’s a tragedy, you see.”

Because everything moves in slow motion here, as if that clock weren’t ticking here,

“I’ve fled from that place,

Made my own escape.”

Running a million miles along that highway to reach the top.

“For me, it’s a precipice,

I’ll be better off, I guess.”

Running a million miles an hour, along this highway.

“They said I was speeding,

On this pavement, I’m bleeding."

Too fast to react to what’s in front of her.

“That mountain I ran to,

That mountain, I crashed into.”


The War