The War

What do you think this poem is about - war against the world, war against false reality, or war against self?

The War

They said it was all in my head,

That the blasts and gunfire were of the past –

That the one I fought for did not even exist – they said it was all a myth.

They said the morning now covered the night; that I didn’t have to fight,

That my sight – no, my vision – was wrong and unclear as the murky waters of my mind.

But spilled was blood into those bodies of water, all my organs slaughtered – at the grasp of the enemy – they said I wasn’t a martyr –

And that I fought this fight against the air.

They said there were no villains and there were no heroes, and that I didn’t have to die to obtain the dream,

But that the dream lived outside my mind, and in reality would I find peace and a promise;

That life -  

Is more than just about death and dying – it’s all about trying.

Then what was I ever fighting for? I questioned as I looked upon all my battle wounds – the scars that I wore like a decorated soldier having fought in all those dreadful wars.

But the scars were never there, they said.

It was all in my head.