Seeking the Mic

If you’re ever at Luna’s Café & Juice Bar on a Thursday night, you’re likely to see a tall guy with glasses on a small platform, with a mic in his hand. That’s because CharRon Smith (known by most as just CharRon) is usually one of the first poets/emcees to perform at Joe Montoya’s Poetry Unplugged – and his presence and voice are enough to make anyone drop the mic.

One of the things I like most about CharRon’s performances is that he can captivate an audience just by his stage presence. It’s not just because he’s tall (although that has to help), it’s because he uses everything to his advantage - from his movement, to his tone, to his range of lightweight to dark words of emotion.  

I guess that’s why I’m drawn to spoken word – it encompasses such a broad spectrum of emotion and ingenuity – you almost always can find a performer whose words you can relate to; but, you have to go out and look for it.

“It’s a large group of outstanding poets,” CharRon said. “It’s just people have to seek it if they want to hear it.”

I’ve found this to be true in Sacramento. There’s a whole community of poets and spoken word artists out there – and it’s worth the hunt to hear artists like CharRon, perform one of his favorites, like “Stepfather’s Reprises.”

“It’s everything I thought a stepfather should have,” CharRon said.

CharRon has been performing spoken word for three years now, and said he’s comfortable on stage.

“When I am up on stage, I feel relaxed and focused,” he said. “It's that calm moment that helps me go into character.”

I’m sure everyone who has performed spoken word, including myself, can attest to the unique experience of this art, and those watching and listening have the opportunity to feel a form of art that has not been forgotten – poetry.

“I am enjoying the discovery of poetry again,” CharRon said.

You can certainly tell he does through his performances – and it’s sure to get a parade of handclaps around a room filled with poets and poetry-seekers, like myself.


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Isabel Ward