Review: Talib Kweli - "Awful People Are Great At Parties"

This month, Talib Kweli dropped a new album by surprise, releasing his “Awful People Are Great At Parties.” Listening to it for the first time, I recognized that Talib Kweli has not lost his ability to drop knowledge and move a person like me. The number one song that stood out to me was “Every Ghetto,” which highlights life in the hood and, in particular, the struggles that black people face in the hood. It has a soulful feel to it, as much of Talib Kweli’s music has. Remembering when I first heard Talib Kweli and Hi-Tech’s, “Train of thought” album, I immediately grew a love for conscious east coast hip hop artists, including co-emcee from Black Star, Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def), for their ability to awaken the soul and make me think about topics that, as a young person, would not immediately come to mind.

Although, nowadays these topics are in the forefront, I feel like Talib Kweli is continuing to stir the thoughts of hip hop listeners through his activism, which can still be heard streaming from his current thought-provoking lyrics.



Listen to it by clicking here.

Isabel Ward