Chance the Rapper's Moment

There’re moments in time that we can trace back to that are defining moments for us as people - moments that can be forks in the road; moments of split second decisions; moments of turning points. It was a moment like this that Chance the Rapper, a young rap sensation, looks back at now accrediting it to his change of direction as a rap artist.

Chance opened up about that moment in a GQ interview, where he describes a simple moment of prayer with his grandmother – a prayer, he says, that sounded like a curse. He gathered this from her words when she asked God to turn everything that was not like Him to dust.

Before this, Chance was doing a lot of drugs, including acid, even when recording his mixtape, “Acid Rap”. His grandmother saw it in his eyes one day, and after that prayer, Chance went on to record his recent mixtape, “Coloring Book” – in which he mixes the unlikely gospel music with rap – a creation that stems from a moment, within all the other moments in time, where Chance decided to take a different path. And the creation is certainly something of a new sound, touching the ears of many Hip Hop lovers, and gaining much praise.

Art has a way of transitioning from one place to another, and I don’t think it’s just by chance. It’s moments like these, sometimes in the darkest hour, where one can find a new sound – and all by confronting that fork in the road.


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