Struggling Artist

Struggling Artist

I’ve always thought the most beautiful pieces of artwork are derived from a struggle. As an artist, I’ve wrestled with my drawings and artwork to make some of my most meaningful pieces. I believe that is true for artists of all genres – musicians, painters, photographers, etc. Through wrestling, I began to really forge only the beauty I could create.

The beauty of this struggle is a lot like the struggle of life. How many artists have painted pictures of their lives – what they’ve been through, or what the world is going through – and it been exceptional? How many political artists have been able to convey what we think through their artwork (think John Lennon, Talib Kweli).  

This election week, we witnessed some people’s struggle to understand and accept the transition of this country. I can’t help but to question myself where we are going.

Still, I believe even in this chapter of American history, we have the ability to sculpt our own destinies, and create a life of meaning to pass on to the next generation.

When all is said and done, what is created is the art only I could create - the art of the struggle.

Which picture will you paint?

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