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Hi, I’m Izzy Lala and I’m a poet, writer and artist born and raised in Sacramento, California. From an early age, I began to develop a love for writing and the arts. One form of art being hip hop (the underground, conscious kind) that talks about real life from real people. I was exposed to many things growing up in the 90s in an underprivileged neighborhood with a single mother, who tried her best to raise three children by herself. I saw many things I shouldn’t have, and when I found underground lyricists speaking about some of the things I had seen, I fell in love. I didn’t begin my journey as a poet until later in life, after hardship and trial; but when I did, it changed my world for the better. I’ve been a featured poet at various poetry venues in Sacramento since I began and am still learning new things about the craft all the time. I’ve designed this blog with the intention of sharing lyrics/poetry from my heart and experience as well as short stories that will hopefully inspire/touch you and help you in the way that hip hop helped me. I believe sharing our truth can be a light in this world.

I will be posting twice a week - Monday and Friday. Stay tuned for more from IZZY LALA blog and I’d love to read comments if you are ever touched/feel something or have any questions.

My hope is to create a community here that is inspired by truth and light.

I am still learning life, love and happiness.

-Izzy Lala